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Maintain and update your home and living spaces as needed with renovations and small jobs. Skills range from framing, shingling and roofing to cabinets, millwork, tiling, finishwork, and hardscaping. Below is a sampling of some of Bob's building projects and testimonials from Martha's Vineyard over the years.

“I am sure you share my appreciation of the consummate skill and diligent effort that Bobby employed to make our plans concrete. I cannot say enough about the confidence I have in his character and ability. I never had a sleepless night while far away in Philadelphia, knowing that Bob was in charge of the project. We often discussed his progress and plans by phone and fax, I agreed with every “judgement” call he made.” 

Tim Aureden, East Chop to his Architect

“Robert Geary has completed several projects for me. One project was the outside renovation of a garage/pump house with new roofing, trim, new window and doors, as well as some shingling. He completed an indoor renovation of an upstairs area with a new sink, counters, appliances, bathroom tiling with electrical and plumbing changes.

All were completed at or below the estimated he provided and within the time frame agreed upon. Robert communicates in a timely manner, his workmanship is superior and his suggestions have been very helpful.

I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Peggy Pinney, Vineyard Haven

“I want to commend and recommend the contractor, Bob Geary and his helper. They were efficient, focused and did a first-rate job. If you need any work done, Bob is surely someone you should put high on your list of potential contractors.

Bob also has a basement sealing business and has done work on some significant homes that had very wet basements this past winter. Keep him in mind if you need work done.”  

 - Les Cutler, Upper Makonikey Assoc., W. Tisbury

“Thanks to professional builder Bob Geary. He has blessed our bell tower with his old world craftsmanship. He has done a magnificent job of hand-fitting each shingle so that the chapel bell tower looks terrific.”    

Steve Engh, U.U. Society, Vineyard Haven

“Bob Geary is the ‘go-to-guy’ for improvements to our summer home on Martha’s Vineyard. More than a builder, we rely on Bob’s focus and attention to detail. The consummate professional, we trust his honest advice, referrals and feedback - all designed to enhance our home for years to come.” - The Sawyer Family, Washington D.C./Oak Bluffs

“Ricky and I want to thank you SO MUCH for the fantastic job you did on our addition! Your temperament (i.e. easy to get along with) and reliability made this job smooth, timely and trouble free. Although we were mostly here in Connecticut, it was easy to reach you and you communicated well with us about questions, concerns and suggestions from your end. You can be sure that when we win the lottery and build our big house, we’ll call you!”   - Batya and Ricky Diamond, West Tisbury

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