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Property Management & Caretaking


Protect your investment with a plan custom designed for you and your home!

Benefit from the oversight of an experienced professional, not a "handyman." 


With individualized caretaking of interior, exterior, and grounds, one phone call to Robert Geary takes care of many property management needs. PLUS Bob's diverse skills allow him to personally complete building or repair needs at your home as they arise. He provides maintenance, repairs, small jobs, and trades communication (plumbing, heating, pest control, tree work, etc.) and offers building in the off-season so the house will be ready for you and your family in the spring. Bob's caretaking clients are guaranteed scheduling priority for updates and repairs.


With reliable, responsive, professional care of your home,

you can rest easy and enjoy the pleasures of home ownership.


Living in Florida with property on the Vineyard can raise concerns. Fortunately, my worries are minimized due to the property management by Robert Geary.

He is knowledgeable and reliable. He communicates his findings clearly with recommendations for problems if they arise. He is always there and available when I need him, providing a safety net that is invaluable. I trust him completely.

You're lucky to have Robert Geary as a property manager. It makes owning Vineyard Property less worrisome and more enjoyable.

- Nancy Newbury, West Tisbury

"It is with the greatest of pleasure that I offer my strongest recommendation of Bob Geary, who has served as the caretaker to my home on Martha’s Vineyard for the past decade. Generally, my family spends the summer on the Island and the house is empty during most of the off season. Bob not only is always available and exceedingly responsive, but he has served with the highest level of character and integrity. His work for my family has included not simply making sure that all is well with the house and property when we are out of town, but he also has overseen and borne responsibility for completing a number of projects during the off seasons, some of which have been quite substantial. His workmanship is top shelf, his prices are always fair and he has earned my full and complete faith and trust. It has been a privilege to work with him and it’s an honor to now consider him a friend. I don’t vouch for people often, but I vouch for Bob, without hesitation."                  

- Michael S. Stein, Edgartown


We rely on Bob... and we recommend you do as well. You will not find a better fit of experience and knowledge to protect your home. We have known Mr. Geary for almost three decades, as a professional homebuilder, renovator, and home care expert. Mr. Geary is thoroughly professional, courteous, responsible, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of house and home needs, repairs, and improvements.


He is especially adept at navigating the very busy tradesmen and supply processes of Martha’s Vineyard Island.With the amount of projects that are currently ongoing on the island, contractors are often booked or to busy to even respond to random calls. Here, it is imperative to have a full ‘rolodex’ of contacts: trusted professionals who can handle problems or assist with current projects. With his vast experience as a builder, Bob knows the best tradespeople to call - who will answer the phone and respond in a prompt, professional manner to get needed work done. This is a critical piece of caretaking: the ability and expertise to know and work with the finest, reliable craftsmen and practitioners available. He has assisted us with electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, roofing and siding contractors, tree trimmers, etc., and understands the Vineyard towns’ regulations and procedures to begin and complete work.

His decades of experience on “the Vineyard” as a building contractor bring vital expertise and craftsmanship as a lead tradesman and coordinator on any size project. We have worked with Bob on several renovation or repair projects on our East Chop home. He is detailed, performs excellent craftsmanship, and is most importantly, a responsible and sensible gentleman.

 - Alan J Mahoney & Susan C. Miller, Oak Bluffs

MA. Construction Supervisor License - #CS46139

MA. Home Improvement Contractor Registration - #103566

Basement Waterproofing Certificate - Basement Technologies Inc.

Certified Mold Remediator - Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization

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